George Pindar School @georgepindarschMore numbers you can call if you are in need of support or are struggling for food supplies: Hub- 01723 232527 Rainbow Centre- 01723 5006635 days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschKooth is an online service for young people in need of support. Do contact them if you are struggling. days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschMessage for Year 11s regarding @S6F applications... days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschStudents, if you are feeling stressed or need someone to talk to about something you are worried about, you can text a member of the safeguarding team at school on 07895132530.6 days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschDon’t forget @Compass_BUZZ is still here for you during this challenging time. Text them if you need support. days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschPlease be aware that there are several scam emails being sent out at the moment. The article below gives more detail. Be safe. Do not click on links you are unsure of. week ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschParents, Hope Learning Trust has partnered with training provider The Skills Network. All parents & carers have the chance to enrol on a nationally accredited qualification of their choice. Many courses are fully funded. Details can be found at https://hope.theskillsnetwork/.1 week ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschRT @Sboro_scholars: We are delighted to confirm that Liam Love will be a member of the Scarborough Football Scholarship from September. Lia…1 week ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschLisa would like young carers to know that they will be supported by telephone during this period. The service is still taking in referrals. The main office no. is 01723 850155 and Lisa’s work mobile is 078705634524 should you need her. She will be available Weds to Fri.1 week ago



Welcome from the Principal

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Ms E Robins | Principal