George Pindar School @georgepindarschWe’ve loved watching our new Year 7s settling into life at George Pindar School and were delighted with this feedback from a parent. #ProudToBePindar #ThriveWithHope #TeamPindar hours ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschAs it's healthy eating week 2020, Miss Ward-Gow catches up with Mrs Hamilton who shares some top tips! #ProudToBePindar #Wellbeing #ThriveWithHope #LikeAndSubscribe hours ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschIt’s nearly here! Our Virtual Open Evening takes place this Thursday. #ProudToBePindar #ThriveWithHope hours ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschRT @teachyorkscoast: Support staff recruitment roles available across our coastal schools; #HLTA, #TA, #ATA, Midd…3 days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschHere's a shoutout to the Maths Stars of the Week! Well done everyone! #ProudToBePindar #TeamMaths #ThriveWithHope days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschParent & Carer survey. NYCC have been in touch and would like as many parents and carers as possible to respond to this survey. The survey will close on Sunday 4th October. days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschRT @HopeLT_York: Our Hope secondary schools are all hosting VIRTUAL #openevenings over the next few weeks, for Year 6 pupils and their fami…4 days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschRT @lwelsh: We’re big fans of @BBCYork here @georgepindarsch and so we’re delighted to hear our incredible students on this jingle! https:/…5 days ago
George Pindar School @georgepindarschOur online ‘Open Evening Experience’ takes place on Thursday October 1st. Please do spread the word! #ProudToBePindar #ThriveWithHope days ago



Welcome from the Principal

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Ms E Robins | Principal