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George Pindar School @georgepindarschGreat achievement from 8MWA/EHO who celebrated a full week of 100% attendance from the entire tutor group this morning. They were invited to a celebratory French Breakfast to reward them for this fantastic effort. #AttendanceMatters #GiveIt100% #ProudToBePindar week ago
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Head of Faculty: Mrs L Robinson

Second in Faculty: Mr D Vickers


Faculty information

The Science Faculty at George Pindar School seeks to promote engagement, enjoyment and excellence in science learning. To this end, our curriculum is designed:

  • To equip all our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be scientifically literate citizens.
  • To develop students’ technical and practical skills.
  • To provide students with the depth and breadth of scientific knowledge and understanding needed to continue their science learning in post-16 studies.

Key Stage 3 Science

Students learn about aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to widen their experience of the world, including environmental issues, ecology and technological developments.  They will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the scientific method through a range of practical activities and discussions and they will start to develop the skills required to be successful at GCSE.

Key Stage 4 Science

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy

Double Award (worth two GCSEs)

100% Exam

Exam Board: AQA: Combined Science: Trilogy

Science is vital to understand how the world around us works. The skills developed in Science link into many other curriculum subjects. 

Students will develop practical, observational and analytical skills throughout the different topics that cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Topic areas include animal and plant biology, carbon chemistry, the periodic table, application of forces and the electromagnetic spectrum amongst many others. There is a strong emphasis on practical science in this course and students will complete a range of required experiments.

GCSE Separate Science

  • GCSE Biology 
  • GCSE Chemistry 
  • GCSE Physics 

100% Exam

Exam Board: AQA

AQA Biology

AQA Chemistry

AQA Physics

Students may choose Separate Sciences as one of their options subjects.

In Separate Sciences, students have the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics in greater depth. 

For each branch of science, a series of practical skills will be examined in addition to the theory content. At the end of the course, students will be awarded a separate GCSE grade for each of the separate sciences, giving three grades in total. The separate sciences are ideal preparation for the study of the separate sciences at A Level. 

Students require a good level of numeracy and literacy to access the higher-level material on the course.