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Design Technology

Design Technology

Head of Faculty: Mr E Lyell

Second in Faculty: Miss B Petts


Key Stage 3 

In KS3 we deliver lessons that allow students to make decisions on how best to design and make useful products. Students have two lessons of Design and Technology each week; one lesson is food based and the other uses other types of materials, such as; paper, card, wood, metal, plastics, smart and modern materials. The materials are processed using a range of methods, including traditional and more modern such as 3D printing.

The emphasis in KS3 is to develop the skills that will allow each student to develop their independence and for them to provide effective solutions to a wide range of problems. We do not tell students what to do…we teach them how to ask the right questions and to work out what they need to do to solve the problem. 

Students are taught how to be responsible designers and technologists; they question why and how rather than what.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Design and Technology

Exam Board: AQA: Design and Technology

Students will be required to cover all aspects of the core content delivered as product design. Students will design and make quality products with creativity, originality and flair using a wide range of materials, new technologies and modern electronic devices. This course is partly practical with students designing and making their own prototype products. They will also be able to design and respond to design briefs and contexts. Students will learn about computer-aided design and use software to simulate electronic circuits and render 3D designs that they could print out using a 3D printer.


Exam (50% of GCSE, 2 hours)

What is assessed?

  • Core technical principles
  • Specialist technical principles 
  • Designing and making principles

Non Exam Assessment (50% of GCSE, 30-35 hours)

What is assessed?

Practical application of:

  • Core technical principles
  • Specialist technical principles 
  • Designing and making principles