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Our school believes in the development of each individual and is committed to providing the best opportunities for all in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  We seek to provide an environment in which effective teaching and learning can occur, where the qualities of trust, honesty, fairness, tolerance, compassion, respect for self, others and property are valued and pursued.

The school’s behaviour policy is built upon the ‘Positive Discipline’ model and seeks to provide a clear framework of what is acceptable in terms of behaviour, attitude to learning and conduct. 

Students are introduced to ‘Positive Discipline’ upon transition to George Pindar School.  They then take part in Positive Discipline lessons fortnightly in order to refresh their understanding of the policy and to review their positive and negative behaviour choices with their tutor, Head of Year and SLT link.

George Pindar School’s behaviour policy is built upon the ‘Positive Discipline’ model.  These are the classroom standards that our students are expected to meet when they are at George Pindar School:

  • Arrive on time, fully equipped and ready to work for each lesson
  • 10 second protocol to silently prepare for work
  • Do as you are told by all staff – first time, every time
  • Listen carefully when the teacher or another person is talking
  • Put your hand up and wait for permission to speak
  • Always try your best, without disturbing others
  • Stand in silence at the end of lessons until you are dismissed
  • Always do your homework properly and hand it in on time

These are the around the site standards that our students are expected to meet when they are at George Pindar School:

  • Be polite and show respect for other people
  • Do as you are told by all staff – first time, every time
  • Wear your school uniform correctly at all times.  Coats and hoodies should be removed before entering the school building
  • This is your school; look after it.  Look after property and put all litter in bins
  • Eat and drink in the right place at the right time
  • Walk around the school sensibly & quietly and keep to the left
  • Be at the right place, at the right time

Positive Discipline Comments

A Positive Discipline comment will be issued by staff when a student fails to meet one of the school expectations.  These codes are listed below:

B – Behaviour

A/S – Around Site

P – Progress and Passivity

E – Equipment and Organisation

L – Late

U – Uniform

H – Homework


You can read the school Behaviour Policy here.